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The Top Ten Pizza Cities in the World

[by Tish Remmly | Oct 4th, 2022]

It’s that time of the year again—where the leaves turn a golden brown and families find themselves looking for a fun yet affordable way to stuff their face full of bread slathered in sauce and dripping with globs of oozing cheese. If you’re looking for a way to spice up the family meal this year around Thanksgiving, you should consider flying your entire family out to one of these bastions of gooey delights and see for yourself just how satisfying it can be to taste the work of artisans truly at the top of their craft. It’s been the topic of many a heated debate, but we here at Orulio News think that we’ve finally cracked the top ten pizza cities in the world…

10.) San Francisco, CA

Looking to chow down on a slice of Neapolitan pie? All you have to do is take a trip over a little golden gate- and no, I’m NOT talking about McDonalds! SanFran has long held the attention of pizza lovers worldwide and with good reason. After all, beauty is in the PIE of the beholder.

9.) Philadelphia, PA

I know what you’re thinking: “Tish—a cheesesteak doesn’t count as a pizza!” Yes, yes I know that… you don’t get to be an award-winning culture writer without learning a few things along the way. Spots like Angelo’s and Rione have cemented Philly’s status as a titan in the pizza community. Bonus points if you spread a little cream cheese on your crust!

8.) Minsk, Belarus

What may seem like somewhat of an unconventional choice at first starts to click when you realize that eastern Europe has really established a unique take on pizza in the past couple of years. Breaking news: pizza ain’t just for the West Coast anymore!! Be sure to check out local haunts like Underdog and Terra if your family finds themselves in the area this holiday season.

7.) St. Louis, MO

Traveling to STL feels like meeting up with an old friend that you’d fallen out of contact with. After the warm hug of arriving in Lambert International Airport, you’re going to want to pick up a slice down by a certain famous arch- and no, I’m not talking about McDonalds! The quality of the cheese could be better but the crust is also nothing to write home about. Great sauce though.

6.) Detroit, MI

Let’s just say that no city does pizza QUITE like Detroit! Famous for putting sauce on top of their cheese like stark-raving lunatics, the meal itself is actually quite nice once your brain finally adjusts to this rejection of societal norms. It’s time for you to forget everything you thought you knew, a new school of thought is being ushered in and Michigan is holding the door for them.

5.) New Haven, CT

Years of in-fighting between pizza enthusiasts almost led to New Haven ascending to the highest echelon of slice-related destination. However, a shocking series of exposés by the New York Times published in 2007 revealed that 80% of the city’s pizza sauce was fished out of barrels that were dumped off the coast of Long Island. Now that the dust has settled and the scandal is in the rear-view, we still feel comfortable slotting it into the top five.

4.) Chicago, IL

Blowing into the Windy City this holiday season? Well, you might want to blow on that slice of deep dish before you put in your mouth (just a little humor)! Kidding aside, this pizza is HOT and will seriously injure the roof of your mouth if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Bonus points if your slice gets carried away by one of the city’s namesake breezes!

3.) Naples, Italy

I mean, you KNEW we had to shout out the Motherland- and shout we shall! What better place to take your family out for a meal than the birthplace of the modern pizza. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you might even want to try it with balled-meat piled high on top. As the old saying goes: when in Italy!

2.) New York City, NY

Ay, I’m chompin’ here!! Home of the famous “dollar slice”, you’d be hard-pressed to find a bad piece of pizza in a city so storied that they had to break it up into multiple volumes. Here’s a little fun fact: the city actually gets the nickname “The Big Apple” from locals’ tendency to sprinkle shredded red apple skins on their decadent, cheese coated bread in lieu of red pepper flakes. Only in NYC!!

1.) Van Nuys, CA

First it was simply then pizza capital of California, then it became the pizza capital of the Pacific coast. These days it’s safe to say that this neighborhood of Los Angeles has achieved the status of pizza capital of the world. From the sauce to cheese, from crust to toppings… you just can’t find a better execution of everyone’s favorite Italian dish, even in Italy!! Purists may still turn their nose up at such a bold declaration, but the public has spoken and Orulio has heard them. We hear you, public, and we thank you for your refreshing honesty. We hope you enjoy your holidays and make sure to tag Orulio News in any pictures of your family chowing down on some greasy ‘za!

If you enjoyed this thorough deep-dish-dive into the world of pizza, check back with us next week for the debut of The Slice is Right: Dispatches from Van Nuys, Pizza Capital of the World—a new weekly column from our own Ralph “Big Ears” Guanhulio!