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Streaming Service Ooli Acquires ‘That 70’s Show’ Streaming Rights

[by Mickey Wilstone | April 5th, 2022]

Streaming Service Ooli made waves earlier today when it announced via Twitter that it had acquired the rights to stream the hit 2000’s multicamera sitcom “That 70’s Show”.

The show is a favorite amongst millennials and has been a highly desired commodity ever since international espionage caused it to be removed from Netflix last September. Word broke when Jim Jaffries, an upper-level employee at Ooli, tweeted about the prospect, bizarrely, seemingly with permission to do so. Jim claims there will be an official announcement tomorrow.


Twitter feed of Ooli employee Jim Jaffries


The shocking revelation however, was what came in subsequent tweets. According to Jim, there may be a few changes to the show fans love and remember… “There’s really not going to be a whole lot different aside from the all-new laugh track, a few scenes with Fez that had to be cut (we are a family friendly network you know) – and of course there’s the fact that we had to edit Danny Masterson out of each scene in all 200 episodes.”

These comments of “family-friendliness” could be construed as ironic, in-light of the now famous incident occurring in 2019 when an unidentified Ooli employee made headlines after surviving unscathed in a fiery explosion after a high-speed crash involving a red Ford Mustang, nearly 90 pounds of marijuana, and a monkey. The employee was never identified, but online consensus seems to strongly believe it could have actually been Jim himself, an accusation he vehemently denies.


More like basterson – amirite?


The news comes on the heal of allegations against Masterson, who has been charged with, among other things, being sleazy. An inside-source to Orulio with knowledge of Ooli operations, has estimated that the process of removing Masterson from the show has cost Ooli (in joint-collaboration with production-company Carsey-Werney) over 643 Million Dollars, and has employed 1,783 people full-time


Still, minor changes aside, this is an exciting announcement for fans of the classic series, I know I’ll be bingeing like it’s 1979!