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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Krang

[by Beth Mann | Feb 14th, 2021]


Hello all, this is Beth Mann, the Best Man on Segment Street. If you’re like me, then you love the classic 1987 animated television series “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” And any fan of the seminal cartoon will remember the Turtles’ villain Shredder, but how much do you know about Shredder’s begrudged cohort Krang?

10. He loves soap operas

In the season 3 episode “The Ninja Sword of Nowhere,” Krang is interrupted (by the Shredder) watching an episode of fictional soap opera “John and Marsha.” During a particularly captivating scene, Marsha explains to John that they can’t be together because they are actually siblings separated at birth. Krang, upon watching this riveting scene, can be seen tearing up and exclaiming “it’s so true to life!”


9. Krang is in exile

It is explained in the fourth episode of season 1 “Hot-Rodding Teenagers From Dimension X” that Krang lost his body after being exiled, though there has been no further clarification as to what this means or who exiled him.


8. Krang was a lord

Krang may be stuck in the Technodrome underground during much of the original show’s run, but prior to the events of the series, Krang had an established lordship in Dimension X. That means he’s not only a being from Dimension X, but also a fatcat!


7. Krang is a reptile

In the season 7, episode 12 episode “Invasion of the Krangezoids,” Krang clones himself in another hair-brained scheme to take down those blasted turtles. His clones look like little brains like him, but slowly evolve into big reptilian creatures. It is to be assumed, then, that Krang is a reptile and should he continue to evolve he would become a big lizard. Just one Beth Mann’s opinion on that one.


6. It all really happened

Perhaps the hardest thing to believe about the 1987 series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was that almost everything that occurred in the series occurred in real life. Many things were changed to make the show more kid-friendly, such as the New York Four (the titular four teenage ninjas) became goofy pizza-loving turtles. One thing that wasn’t changed at all, however, was Krang. It is widely accessible information that a man named Klein Dedderman lost his Earthly shell and became the much-beloved cartoon antagonist Krang, before putting his mind into a computer and becoming a virus.


5. He’s really, really slow

It’s impressive that he can move at all, really. But he boasts multiple times throughout the show’s run that he can slither at a speed of 3 miles per hour. He also has sharp fangs, so he’s not completely defenseless despite being a slab of frickin’ brain.


4. Krang may be the smartest person in the universe

It may seem hard to believe since all of his schemes never work out and the Turtles always seem to have the upper hand, but according to the season 7, episode 4 episode “Venice On the Half Shell,” Krang reveals that he has an IQ of 968, placing him far above anyone on the Earth, perhaps the entire universe, but certainly the continental United States. Just imagine the kind of stuff he would get done if he wasn’t a little frickin’ brain.


3. The Vision of Donatello

In season 3, episode 61, Donatello has a dream about what life would be like had the turtles never been covered in the mutagen that made them big boys, and while at first it seems life may be easier for them, it means Shredder is able to rule the Earth without opposition. Thus, when Krang asks to join forces with Shredder, Shredder is quick to turn Krang down, meaning that their begrudged relationship never forms and Krang never has any success with the Technodrome. Additionally, the series has also flirted with the multi-verse as a concept, so it is very possible that there is a little frickin’ Krang out there that can’t get ahead because Shredder became Earth’s dictator.


2. Krang is immune to Mutagen

That’s right, the mutagen that turns four ordinary turtles into crime fighting superhumans, and also turns two of Shredder’s dumb grunts into the awesome and super cool Bebop and Rocksteady, and also there are some Punk Frogs somewhere there, doesn’t work on Krang! It is revealed when addressing Krang’s relation to Kraang Prime that he is immune to it, otherwise he would use it on himself to become a powerful big boy and not a little dumb frickin’ brain.


1. Bangerang

Apparently, and this one’s really dumb, the creators of the 1987 show have stated that Krang’s weird little robot body that Shredder built (you know, the one that’s bald with the cool sunglasses and wearing a speedo) is called “Bangerang.” This is never confirmed within the actual show, but after much fan speculation it has been officially confirmed to be true.


I hope you enjoyed this list, because Krang is awesome and every fun fact about him is a fact well-learned. Until next time, everybody, this is Beth Mann, the Best Man on Segment Street, signing off! Goodnight! Have a good night’s sleep!